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It’s not easy out there. As the old saying goes, “You may have to kiss a lot of toads before your prince comes along.” There are just so many writing services out there, that it is impossible to know which ones are professional and produce the quality you want.

There are lots of “horror stories” from students and others who have chosen a writing service based upon its promises and then ended up receiving a crap piece of writing that cannot be used. And when they complain and try to get their money back, they get no response.

Don’t Be a Victim

The best assignment writers work for the best writing services. But finding them is really tough if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some tips that will give you solid clues about whether a writing service has professional assignment writers.

  1. Read the Website Content

A reputable writing company will have content on its site that is written in excellent English. Even if the company is foreign-owned, it would seem reasonable that, if it employs English-speaking assignment writers, it would use one or more of those writers to produce the content on its site.

If website content is poorly written, it is a pretty good sign that the writers being used are not native-English speaking professionals. In fact, many such services use students in developing nations because they will work for very little.

  1. Prices Too Good to Be True

Think about it. If a company claims to have the best assignment writers – pros with degrees from accredited and reputable colleges and universities, how much will they need to pay these writers to complete orders from customers? If, for example, a service charges $9 a page for an essay, and it takes a cut of that to run the business and pay the owners, then how much does the writer get? Very little. How many qualified and degreed writers would work for that pay? None.

If the price seems too good to be true, it is.

  1. Review the Samples, if There are Any

A good writing service will usually have samples for visitors to review, to show the quality of what its writers produce. Read through these carefully – most don’t do this, and the company knows it. But you will need to be smarter and check them out. How is the writing? What resources are used?

  1. Option for American or British English

Companies that have native English-speaking writers, usually employ them from the U.S. and from other English-speaking countries, specifically the UK. Because of the differences n the two languages, although minor, are important, a good writing service will provide the option of American or British assignment writers.

  1. Methods of Contact

There should be a phone number you can use to speak to a real person. And there should also be a live chat feature.

Before you place an order, call the number. Ask detailed questions about the policies, the writers, and the product you are considering ordering. You should get immediate answers. If there are pauses or if the answers are vague and from a person with a foreign voice, you are probably dealing with an answering service, not a company employee. Reputable companies hire their own customer support staff and train them well.

  1. Communication with Your Writer

This should be provided for. You should be able to speak directly with your writer; in fact, reputable companies insist upon it, so that there are no mis-understandings and you get exactly what you want. If a company does not have a method for you to speak with your writer, do not place an order.

  1. Policies and Guarantees

You definitely want to see written policies that sell out a number of things – how is your privacy protected; what happens if you don’t like the product you receive; what happens if your deadline is missed; is there a guarantee of no plagiarism? These are all really important guarantees and benefits.

How Much Time Do You Have?

You can spend a lot of time reviewing the website of any writing service you are thinking about using. And how many might you have to review before you find one that you want to take a chance on? And, even after you do choose one, there is no guarantee that you will really get the quality you need. There is another option. You can stay right here and get the information you need.

Our Reviews – Factual and Objective

We base our reviews on a lot of factors, including all of the ones listed above. We give complete summaries and rate each website based upon what we find.

When you select one of the top-rated writing services you find here, you cannot go wrong.

We’ve done all of the legwork for you – how’s that for convenience?