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We have received a number of comments and questions about, a writing service that had not come onto our radar until about six months ago. We are not certain how long the company has been in business, but we were able to find customer reviews of EssayLab going back about one year. is a writing service with about four years under its belt. According to the owners, they began this service while still in college. Their intentions were good – they wanted to help their fellow students and, after they graduated, began a website and started their business in earnest.

We have received a number of requests for a review of Along with those requests, users of our site have provided enough comments and feedback that we realized it was time to conduct a full review of Trust Essays.

We do advise that you give us as long as you can spare to complete your assignment if budget is a concern for you. This is because one of the variable which affects our pricing is the length of time we have to complete your assignment. The longer you can give us to complete your assignment, the cheaper your assignment will work out to be.

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Mark reviewed


I asked for a proofreading, editing, and formatting for my research paper. The deadline was four days, and it was easily met. There were no mistakes left and some of the parts were rewritten quite perfectly. Not just a smart help was given to me, I also got a pleasant discount from them that helped me to save almost $30. Would love to work with Trust Essays again.

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Briana reviewed


Only great emotions come up when I talk about this resource! They basically saved me with the research paper this semester. Every part was well written, had necessary terms and splendid conclusions. As well, they didn`t forget about the bibliography and general conclusions page. Plus, I had a discount with them. Seriously, this is a great resource.

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Stella reviewed


Bad resource with bad writers. The best advice I can give to anyone considering this place as an option for finishing any kind of a paperwork is to stay as far as possible. Because if you do order, it would be nothing but a waste of your time (not considering money and hopes). Fraud! Not a professional service.

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