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Terms and Conditions

This policy page has been created in order to communicate the rights and responsibilities of, our clients, and those who visit our website. Please read this document thoroughly. You are responsible for understanding and bidding by all of the provisions outlined here. These terms and conditions apply to any individual or entity who visits our website, creates an account, or otherwise engages in any form of contact with WritersAdviser.

Changes to Terms And Conditions

We reserve the right to make any changes to this document at any time without prior notice. However, we will make a good faith effort to inform you of these changes. We may do this by distributing a mass email or posting a notice of the changes on our home page. However, we are not responsible should anyone be unaware of changes. All changes are effective immediately.

Use of Terms

Customer, client, audience, you, and a visitor may be used interchangeably and in various forms. These all refer to anyone who visits our website, reads reviews, clicks on links, subscribers to our website, or submits content.

Us, we, the company, Writers Adviser, WritersAdviser,, etc. all refer to the business entity and website These terms also apply to managers, employees, staff, and other associates.

Professional reviews are reviews submitted by our staff members.

Customer or student reviews are reviews submitted by people who are not employed by us.

User content may also refer to student-written reviews. They can also be guest blog posts, pictures, videos, or other content.

Third parties are other business entities and websites that are not owned by These may be writing services that we profile or review, advertisers, guest bloggers, or businesses that we or our audience members mention in our content.

Content is any words, photographs, images, videos, articles, stories, reviews posted to our website.

Use of Our Website

Nobody under the age of 18 may create an account or submit content. Those between the ages of 13 and 18 may use the website and read the content with parental permission. We specifically forbid anyone under the age of 13 from using our website in any way.


All reviews are as thorough and accurate as possible. However, the decision to use a writing service comes with risk. Our endorsement of a writing service is in no way a guarantee that others will have a positive experience. We are not responsible for any negative consequences that result from the use of a writing service reviewed on this page.

In addition to this, all content that users publish on our site is done so freely. We are not responsible for any consequences that arise from posting that content.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any customer account as we see fit for any reason. Customers do not have any claim to damages should we do so.

Customer accounts are freely created and may be deleted at any time. Should a customer reveal their account information to others or otherwise make it clear they have a relationship with us, we are not responsible for any negative outcomes.

All customers submitting content do so at their own risk. We are not responsible for any negative results.

Customer Content

Customers who submit reviews affirm that all of their statements are true and that they are based on their own personal experience. Further, they also affirm that they are not affiliated with any writing service and that they are not being compensated for their reviews.

Customer reviews become the property of Writers Adviser upon receipt. Customers agree that they will not distribute any review submitted to us to any other websites or publications. We reserve the right to edit customer reviews for length and to meet our editorial standards. Submitting a review is not a guarantee that the review will be published.

Customers are invited to submit blog posts, quotes, articles, and other submissions. Once submitted, however, they become our property to be used as we see fit. Customers affirm that any content they submit to us is owned by them and that they are not violating copyright laws by submitting the content.

Violations of Law And Policies

If we believe a customer has violated their law in their behavior related to our website, we will report this violation to the relevant legal body. If a customer has violated our policies, we reserve the right to suspend or permanently delete their account.

Challenging These Terms And Conditions

If any portion of these terms and conditions are successfully challenged either through a court of law or through formal or informal mediation, only the relevant portions are impacted. The remainder of these terms and conditions stand and are applicable to all.

Questions or Comments

Anyone with questions or comments is invited to contact customer support. They will provide clarification.